About Zachor Foundation

The Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation was founded in January of 2009.

Ben Lesser is our founder. He is also much more than that. Ben is a husband, parent, sibling, friend, mentor and much more. He is also a survivor of the Holocaust and a man on a mission. That mission is to insure that the memory and lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten.

Since 1985, Ben has been telling his story to schools, colleges, synagogues and churches, to anyone who will listen. Last year, in 2008, Ben received a pin from his local Holocaust Survivors group with the Hebrew letters of the word Zachor…Remember. He began wearing this pin to all of his presentations and not long ago, he brought a few extra pins with him when he spoke. After speaking, two young students remained and continued to ask him questions. Then Ben explained the meaning of the pin and gave them each one.

"Well, you should have seen the look on their faces" he said "They swore to me that they would always cherish these pins and that it would always remain in their family. I have never seen any students so moved after my presentation."

After that experience, Ben had 1,000 more pins made. At his next presentation to 500 high school seniors, he explained the meaning of "this funny looking pin" and asked if any of the students would want one. To his surprise, they all raised their hands. A few weeks later, he contacted the teacher from the school and asked about the pins. She said "You wouldn't believe it. The pins are everywhere. The kids are wearing them, have them pinned on their hats and backpacks and are still talking about them." It was then that Ben recognized the impact that this small, tangible memento could have and he knew something needed to be done.

That "something" was and is to give out Zachor Pins free of charge to all speakers and providers of Holocaust education programs, to be distributed to their students and listeners. Thus, the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation was born in January of 2009.

Within months of opening, the Zachor Foundation had distributed more than 30,000 pins to organizations interested in the Holocaust.

"With enough donations, we can manufacture and distribute hundreds of thousands of pins every year" said Lesser. "As long as there is a need for Holocaust education, there will be a need for these Zachor Pins and the Zachor Foundation."

To become a supporter of the Zachor Foundation, send in your tax deductible donation today or click on the "Chai Society": tab of our website.